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SUNDÃRI takes a holistic and earthly approach to beauty and well-being based on the ancient healing
wisdom of Ayurveda. We go back to nature and use traditional healing remedies to allow the mind,
body and spirit to gain balance in a world of stress and challenges. SUNDÃRI enables you to reconnect
with your inner self and encompass our core philosophy; ‘being well inside, reads beautiful on the

Ayurveda is acknowledged as the oldest medical science, originating from India and is focussed on the
balance of three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha for optimum health. The philosophy of balance is woven
through the entire SUNDÃRI experience. 

The Sensory Dosha Journey allows your SUNDÃRI Therapist to prescribe a programme most suited to
your Dosha, with the overall focus being to achieve balance; a balanced mind, a balanced body and a
balanced skin = wellness. Each journey begins with an Ayurvedic consultation during which your SUNDÃRI
Therapist will prescribe your personalised journey.

All treatments can be tailored to your time frame (unless specified):

30mins - £50
60mins - £95
90mins - £140-£145
120mins - £190